to serve 

We believe each person is hard-wired by God for his purposes and equip others to do just that. 

If you are interested in serving the church  we encourage you to check out the ministries below!

Not sure where to begin? Try taking the spiritual gift inventory at the bottom of the page and give Pastor Cinnamon or Bill a call!


Responsible for setting up Sunday services, preparing the table, changing liturgical colors through the year, cleaning of linens and robes, flowers, refurbishing supplies, etc.).   


Responsible for being a team member for ALPHA. May include, cooking, set up, discussion group leadership, music, for those seeking to have their questions about the Faith answered. Once a year. 


Responsible for working with the Junior Warden in charge of the physical plant (workdays, projects, painting, raking, etc.). May include painting and other small projects.




Responsible for planning gatherings where the congregation enjoys fellowship, food, and drink (includes Sunday coffee hours, special gatherings, or other events which may be off-site and in the community).


Responsible for sending cards and notes to those in the congregation needing encouragement or no good reason other than to remind them they are loved by the Lord.


Responsible for planning, initiating, and assisting in the GriefShare program once a year. 


Responsible for ongoing opportunities for people to receive and be discipled in healing prayer, especially on Sundays.  


Responsible for lifting up ongoing concerns of church life as listed on the Prayer Hive. This is a zoom gathering on Wednesday mornings.


Responsible for providing a kid-friendly gathering once a month which contains elements of a “grown-up” service. Looking for puppeteers, activities, teachers, and snack givers.


Responsible for the reading of Scripture on Sundays and other services through the church year 


Responsible for presenting a skilled musical offering in congregational worship. 


Responsible for oversight of all outreach endeavors of the church (including Franklin ministry, Mission of the Month, mission guests or opportunities).


Responsible for praying for urgent prayer requests of (telephone-based). 


Responsible for all technical arms of the church and to assure excellency in transmission of services (including zoom, in-house sound, microphones, batteries, etc.).


Responsible for oversight of business of the church (includes support of rector’s vision, commitment to ongoing life of the church, etc.).


Responsible for creative ways to enhance worship gatherings (includes light construction, creative design, music, art, bulletin boards, sign, etc.).


Each Christian has been graced with a plan for their life and a purpose in the family of God. All members of Andover Community are encouraged to take the Five-Fold Spiritual Gift Inventory and arrange to meet with one of the priests. It will show us how you are wired and where you'd be most fruitful and happy in the life of the church.

Why Do This?

  1. Jesus speaks about gifts (and what we do with them) as investments. (Read  Matthew 25:14-30) If you know you gifts you can invest them wisely. 

  2. People aren't happy unless they are doing what they are wired to do. Be happy. Take the inventory.

  3. By not serving in the life of the church you are actually robbing yourself of the joy of ministry and us, too. Without you involved we are less than our full potential. 

What Do I do After I've Taken the Inventory?

Call Bill or Cinnamon to schedule an appointment. Together you can brainstorm and creatively see where you'd best fit in. If you're already serving the church, this is a good reset time. If a dream or passion arises that God has laid on your heart perhaps it's time to begin a new ministry in the church. You can contact the church office through here to set up an appointment.

Ready? Set? Go!

Just click the present to get started. You have your choice to do either a five minute or a ten minute test. 

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them."
(Romans 12:6)