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Prayer Hive

Tuesdays at 8:00 AM

Almighty and everlasting God, you govern all things in heaven and on earth:

Mercifully hear our prayers, and grant that in this congregation the pure Word of God may be preached and the Sacraments duly administered.

Strengthen and confirm the faithful, protect and guide the children, visit and relieve the sick, turn and soften the wicked, arouse the careless, recover the fallen, restore the penitent, remove all hindrances to the advancement of your truth and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy church; to the honor and glory of your Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayer Requests

  • Thanksgiving

    • Amazing Memorial Services whe Jesus was made known

    • Amazing Holy Week Services

    • Healing of Linda's knee 

    • Healing of Kim's knees

    • Thad's successful operation

    • Lorna's knee surgery

    • Thanksgiving for Brian's continued sobriety​

  • Healing For:

    • Lawrence - physical healing 

    • Brenda's brother Jack - COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis
      and upcoming lung transplant

    • Mike Lewitt - Healing of Pancreas

    • Elizabeth Elinowitz - brain tumor

    • Abby - treatment for brain tumor

    • Terri Moore - healing  (secondary infection from COVID)

    • Pat (Lorna's mom)

    • Brenda - healing of her eye condition

    • Karen Forsberg - for an expert diagnosis and treatment plan

    • Cancer

      • Bob - colon cancer

      • Carol Tuerk 

      • Wendy G 

      • Katherine B

    • Lyme

      • Amy 

      • Meagan 

  • Church Life

    • Prayer for vision around possible marriage course

    • Godly Play - Jesus bring children 

    • Anointing as we meet on Sundays

  • Mission

    • Franklin Mission​

    • Access to building on street

  • People, Places, and Events​

    • Our leaders in the church: Clergy and Lay

    • Michal and Tiana housing - to move the family closer to Franklin

    • Wagner Family - traveling mercies

    • Larry and Rita - God's presence in their home

    • Boston Fellows
    • Linda W. physical therapy
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