Zoom Prayer

Join a group of intercessors as we pray into the needs of the Hive. Click below to hop on. 8:00 - 9:00 AM
Friday Mornings.

Zoom Meeting Each Friday 8 AM

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Prayer Requests

Confidential and Intentional. Email your requests to Beth and be assured they will be covered, blessed, and prayed over.

Prayer Requests

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O Heavenly Father

watch with us, we pray thee

over the names below, for whom our prayers are offered,

and grant that they may be restored to that perfect health

which is yours alone to give,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



  • The unborn and the dying 

    • Sandy

    • Linda W.

    • Madelyn

    • Jackie (sister in Law)

    • Robin (for a heart to receive the word)

    • Debbie 

  • Those fighting Cancer

    • Bonnie
    • Donna

    • Leslie

  • Other Illness​ or Assaults from the Devil

    • Beth's brother Thad (health issues)​

    • Cheryl P.

    • Bob: dementia 

  • Amy & Meagan - Lyme disease
  • Buddy in Grief
  • Our Church

    • Ministries and Ministry Leaders

    • Annual Meeting

    • For visitors from the community

  • Vestry Leadership

  • Kathy and Nancy and guests

    • Franklin Ministries

      • Bob, Alice, Linda, Linda, Kent, Glory, Shirly​