O Heavenly Father

watch with us, we pray thee

over the names below, for whom our prayers are offered,

and grant that they may be restored to that perfect health

which is thine alone to give,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



  • For Physical Healing​​​​

    • Anabel

    • Robin

    • Tom

    • Pat

    • Brook

    • Mae

    • Donna

    • Kenrick's 

    • Thad

    • Inez

    • Jackie 

    • Sarah

    • Sandy 

    • Lesly

    • Martha P. 

    • Amy & Meagan 

    • the Bacote family for the loss of Jeri's grandfather

  • The Ministries of the Church​

    • Franklin - Vision on what God is doing

    • Hearing God and Sharing God's Word Seminar

    • God's blessing and purposes on newcomers

    • Church Leadership 

    • Continued Kingdom atmosphere of power and joy each time we gather

    • Grief Share

    • ALPHA 

    • Children of the Church

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