Take a few moments and sit with the families and their needs below.

All in the Name of Jesus.

O Heavenly Father, watch with us, we pray thee over the names below, for whom our prayers are offered, and grant that they may be restored to that perfect health which is yours alone to give, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Praise the Lord for all his tender mercies. 

Tom M. (Bob's friend) successful surgery

Praise the Lord Betty free from colon cancer 

​People are stepping up for Godly Play! 5 people so far

Irene is 101 years old! PTL

Raul and Lizzy's Engagement




Emerson is 6 months old
He’s is in Atlantic City Hospital NJ with difficulty breathing he has been there since yesterday.

Ted. K. 

Noella (breast cancer stage 4,

Carol Tuerk 

Dylan, Meridith, and Erin

Linda W and Johneric

Tom Murphy (Cancer)​

Steve Kelly Jr. (Cancer)

Leslie (Cancer), her children and Bob

Amy (Lyme)

Meagan (Lyme)

Thad (Beth's brother, heart) 


Joe, Beth's brother-in-law (for healing from vascular event)

Healing of Beth's families to see the Lord's healing power

For Sandy Miller's brother David - In the hospital for gall bladder surgery 

Also for Sandy healing of cold and continued good health.   

Lawrence bad cold and Jim Emerson bronchitis. 

Becky,  Barbara, and Sharon comfort 

and peace as they mourn the loss of mother Irene

Franklin Outreach

Godly Play

Boston Fellows

Anointing as we meet on Sundays

​Please add Fr. Ben Ferguson to the prayer list.  Only a few weeks to live.  So young with wife and 2 daughters.


Protection on the people of Ukraine

Community of Franklin & Andover

The Nation

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