We are a "Three Streams Church"

A Spirit-filled, evangelical community worshipping in the Anglican tradition.


We believe the Holy Spirit is active through his many giftings and express ourselves freely for his glory.


We celebrate the grace to be born again, the invitation to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and understand him to be God's provision for the forgiveness of sin.


We use and value liturgy from early synagogue practice, Anglican tradition, and through the centuries.

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Fading Colors




Some wear jeans, others backward baseball caps. Some have tats. Some wear bandanas, others pearls. Kaki's, shorts, flip-flops.

Makes no difference.

You are welcome in this place.



Bring them!

They remain in the service with their families (with an activity packet we provide). Once a month they have their own service called Kid's Church.

Kids are welcome in this place.

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We come from Bristol, New London, Franklin, Andover, and Wilmot.  The thing we have in common are authentic relationships. - with one another and with God.

We are far from perfect. We sing off key, sneeze during prayer times, and spill our coffee after the service. But we journey together and invite you to do life with us, too, in the grace of Christ.


We are an Anglican Community in the Anglican Diocese of New England, and affiliated with a global network of like-minded believers through the Anglican Church in North America. As Anglican, our services reflect a "three streamed" expression of worship: traditional, evangelical, and charismatic.

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8:00 AM

10:00 AM

Stain Glass Windows

A "by the book" service, with Eucharist (bread and wine or grape juice) each week. This is a quieter service, with a meditation song or musical offering on most Sundays. About an hour. 

A family service with Communion offered the first and third Sundays of the month. Time is dedicated to praise and worship through songs, hymns, and spiritual songs,  About an hour and a-half.


Families with children are welcomed! At this time we have a "children's program" called KidzChurch which meets the second Sunday of the month. Other Sundays we provide activity packets in church. For infants - especially if they get fussy - mom and dads are invited to bring them into the balcony where there is a crib, sound, and vision for the service below.