We encourage every member of the church to take the Five-Fold Spiritual Gift Inventory. This is a fun and insightful inventory where you have all the right answers! It will show you (and the Pastors) how you are wired and where you'd be most fruitful in the church.

Why Do This?

  1. Jesus speaks a parable regarding making the most of our investment. He seems to equate what we've done with what he's given us as a point of judgement when we get to heaven. (Read  Matthew 25:14-30) By knowing what you have you can invest it so he can get the biggest bang for his buck. He gave you the gifts, it's up to you to use them the best way you can.

  2. People aren't happy unless they are doing what they are wired to do. Be happy. Take the inventory.

  3. By not serving in the community with your gifts, you are actually robbing the rest of the church from not allowing them to be all they can be. We need you in the church. God's work is stunted without you. 

What Do I do After I've Done It?

Call Pastor Bill to schedule an appointment. He's done this a lot. Together you and he can see where you'd best fit in this place. Perhaps you're already doing something in the church that is different from what the inventory tells you. It's a good time to rearrange and reestablish priorities for the coming year. You can contact the church office through here to set up an appointment.

Ready? Set? Go!

Just click the present to get started. You have your choice to do either a five minute or a ten minute test. 

Five-Fold Ministry Inventory

Click the Present to Get Started!


It is not a test of spirituality, or even maturity. It is a tool seeking to measure how God has wired you, and which part of the Body of Christ you would be most happy in, bringing the most glory to God.


While ALL the gifts are contained in the Presence of God, and he has prerogative to lift any gift from us at any time he pleases, Scripture says we each have a few gifts we most often work in.

Do you know yours?


Our goal is to get everyone in the church active in the growing Kingdom of God. This is our purpose, God's goal. Your inventory will be shared with the pastor(s) and together we will discern some Kingdom activities that match his gifts in you!

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us,

let us use them."

(Romans 12:6)