While the pandemic has us isolated, we are not dead. The local Body of Christ (you and I) continues to pulsate with the Father's love. Each of us has been given gifts of the Spirit which need to be discovered, then adapted to our present day situation.

You are encouraged to take some time and take the following spiritual gifts inventories. The firs is the Wagner-Modified Hoots Questionnaire. This is a detailed inventory which pools heavily on past church experience. The second is the Revised Five-Fold Ministries Inventory, which provides a more comprehensive look at who you are and how you are wired. Once we know that (by taking either of the inventories - or both!) you'll have a better idea of what ministry to jump into in the church.


Have fun. Please contact Fr. Bill when you've completed it and we can look it over!

Wagner-Modified Hoots Inventory

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Revised Five-Fold Ministries Inventory

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It is not a test of spirituality, or even maturity. It is a tool seeking to measure how God has wired you, and which part of the Body of Christ you would be most happy in, bringing the most glory to God.


While ALL the gifts are contained in the Presence of God, and he has prerogative to lift any gift from us at any time he pleases, Scripture says we each have a few gifts we most often work in.

Do you know yours?


Our goal is to get everyone in the church active in the growing Kingdom of God. This is our purpose, God's goal. Your inventory will be shared with the pastor(s) and together we will discern some Kingdom activities that match his gifts in you!

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us,

let us use them."

(Romans 12:6)