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The three year call to become involved in church leadership in the vestry is worthy of prayer, listening to others, and talking with your pastors.


Here is a short list of qualifications and roles to get you thinking about it seriously.

For other responsibilities such as Meetings, Responsibilities, and the Vestry Retreat Please Contact Bill, Cinnamon, or Alice.


  • Baptised Christians

  • Affirms and upholds bi-laws of church, canons of the Diocese, and doctrines of the Anglican Church of North Amereica

  • Actively particiapets in the life of the parish

  • Signed onto the fundemental declarations of the Anglican Church of North America and the Anglican Dioces of New England.

  • Protect the Vision of the Church

  • Support the Methods and Means of the Mission

  • Uphold the Financial Integrity of the Church

  • Support the Clergy as Spiritual Leaders

  • Be a clear Sounding Board and give Honest Feedback

  • Model a strong commitment to Generosity in Time, Talent, and Tithing

Roles and Responsibilities 

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